Interesting Articles

As they come across our desk, we will post interesting articles here about gardening, local and organic foods, politics and food, sustainable living, etc.. In the interest of simplicity, they will be posted in chronological order and not by category.

Is a Food Revolution Now in Season? by Andrew Martin
New York Times: March 21, 2009
Advocates of organic and locally grown food are beginning to find a receptive ear in the new administration in Washington.

My Turn: Uproot your lawn to help feed the hungry by Cheryl Bourassa Concord Monitor: March 30, 2009
Local church uproots lawn and plants a garden to feed the hungry.

Acid or Alkaline? What ph means in gardenspeak. by Marion Owen
This article takes a look at pH from a practical gardening standpoint.

Guide to Eating Edible Flowers by Cathy Wilkinson Barash
All sorts of beautiful flowers you can eat!


One response to “Interesting Articles

  1. Attra has an excellent piece on Late Blight and organic control. One thing I learned is that the phytophtora infestans spores produced through sexual reproduction can survive several years in the soil. No mention of how New England winters affect that. Asexually produced spores – sporangia – can only survive in living host tissue such as culled potatoes. From there they can go on to infect the rest of the harvest or return as an infected volunteer. This is, in fact, the way most outbreaks start. This is a link to the article.

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