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Plant now for crops next spring!

Mid-summer Garden

Mid-summer garden at the Morrison's

At our September meeting, Beth talked about what you can plant this fall in order to get crops next spring and summer. You can plant most cold weather vegetables now like chard, carrots, mustard, spinach, kale, beets, and parsnips. Lay down about an inch of compost, throw in a light feeding of blood meal, plant your seeds and water well. Then, put in hoops and cover with a layer of Remay and then a heavyweight floating row cover so you have two layers. Make sure the sides are secure. Keep your seed beds watered and right before Thanksgiving (or the first snow) put on a layer of plastic. In the early spring, remove the plastic and your seedlings will have a big head start next year.

Will everything you plant for your spring garden come back? Maybe, maybe not. But, think of how thrilled you will be if just a little spinach, lettuce and chard survive. They are forecasting another long, cold winter. Seeing just a few shoots of green in March is a balm to the soul…especially the soul of a gardener. Take a chance and plant your spring garden this weekend!

A crop you must plant now in order to harvest next year is garlic. If you don’t get your garlic in the ground in the fall…don’t bother next spring. It’s too late. The good news is that you have until mid-October to plant your garlic bulbs. Lay down about an inch of compost first. Then plant the bulbs down about an inch and 6-8 inches apart. Cover with a heavy layer of straw and you are DONE!

Take advantage of these lovely cool days with NO BUGS and get out and spend some time in the garden.