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Concord Chicken Ordinance Revised

The Concord zoning code for raising chickens on urban residential lots has been eased in a 21 month pilot program that was passed by the city council last month.

CCOG testified at the hearing  and would like to thank all of the city councilors who voted to pass the amendment to the zoning code. We plan on helping to educate the citizens of Concord who are interested in raising a small flock of chickens in their backyard. As soon as we are able to get a copy of the amended ordinace, we will post it on our website. In the meantime, if you are dreaming about raising a flock of chickens in Concord, here are the general guidelines for working within the code…

– Single family residences only.
– The minimum lot size is 7,500 square feet.
– The chicken coop must be at least 30 feet from each lot line.
– You can have no more than 5 chickens.
– No roosters are  allowed.
– Chickens cannot be free ranging.
– You cannot sell the eggs or the meat.
– Chicken manure must be disposed of- site or enclosed in a covered container.

We are encouraging everyone who is planning on raising a flock of chickens to read and follow the new code once it is available. Be respectful of your neighbors who might be wary of your new hobby and keep your coop very clean and odor free. We would like to see the pilot program become permanent in 21 months.

We will be posting more resources about building coops and raising chickens after the New Year, so stay tuned!

Concord Monitor  Article: Chickens can Flock to the City by Ben Leubsdorf