The Capital City Organic Gardeners (CCOG) folded in October 2013.
The group was a vital part of the home gardening community for five really good years. During that time, the local food gardening movement blossomed in New Hampshire. Presently, Farmers Markets and CSA’s can now be found all over the state any day of  the week. Winter markets have exploded and taken hold in many communities. The permaculture movement is gaining steam and  groups are forming and supporting each other in all sorts of projects.

 The group folded  because the leaders in the organization were ready to move on to new projects and unfortunately, no one was willing to step into a new leadership positions. The good news is that the tiny niche CCOG served in  Concord, NH is now able to find many more local resources to support their gardening practices.

For anyone who might be interested, our mission statement and basic format is outlined below…

Capital City Organic Gardeners
Mission Statement:
The Mission of the Capital City Organic Gardeners organization is to collectively share, learn and teach organic gardening methods, encouraging busy members of our community to grow healthy food and reduce their environmental impact.

Scope: This group covers all ages and levels of interest/expertise, from children who can help pulling weeds to adults; from “container” gardeners to backyard gardeners to folks who have plots in community gardens.

Meeting Format: Meeting monthly, March-October, with each month having an overall topic that matches the season.

Participation: Open to all and always free.


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