Great Turnout for “Planning Your City Garden”

We filled the Great Room at Heritage Heights!

The Capital City Organic Gardeners would like to thank you everyone who attended our Planning Your City Garden” event last night. It was inspiring to hear Julia Steed Mawson speak about her work with the  NH Common Ground Garden Project and her experiences gardening in the city at the Pine Street Community Gardens in Manchester.   Gardening in the city oftentimes creates unique opportunities to connect with your neighbors, spend time with your family and build community.  Gardening in the city also more closely connects us to the beauty of the natural world.

It was great meeting new faces and hearing people’s plans for their city gardens. So much variety! Garden plans ranged from a few pots on a patio to entire yards dedicated to vegetables. A front lawn or two are definitely getting busted up for growing food, not grass this season! We also learned about community gardens located at Heritage Heights, the North End, the South End and NHTI. People of all ages and abilities are getting out and dedicating themselves to growing some of their food organically. Very exciting!

We always like to bring resources to share with our members.

Your very first step…
It doesn’t matter whether your garden is large or small, if you are starting a garden in your yard, it’s very important to have your soil tested since the soil in many city gardens can be high in lead. You can send your soil to the UNH Cooperative Extension early in the spring. If your soil does have a high lead content, there is no need to despair! Instead of digging into your soil, you can create raised beds in your garden by having soil and compost delivered to you or you can use a method of building new soil called Lasagna Gardening or sheet composting.

Here is an article about what do if you have high lead in your soil:

We enjoyed giving away some great gifts!

March is a time for soil testing, planning your garden and starting seeds. In the LEARN section of this blog, you can get some good information about dates for seed starting and planting outdoors for our area. Take some time to look at all of the resources we provide on this blog and check back often. We are always adding in new information to help our fellow gardeners.Enjoy!


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