Food Inc. and Michael Pollan featured on Oprah


It was heartening to see Michael Pollan featured on Oprah yesterday. He gave a short tutorial called “Food 101” to educate Oprah’s audience about their food…where  it REALLY comes from and the true cost of consuming cheap, processed foods.  He wasn’t able to go into any real depth but I am hoping his message came across to the viewer and raised their curiosity.

He talked about the american consumer “voting” with their forks three times a day at mealtime…

“We all can vote with our forks. We get three votes a day,” Michael says. “You don’t have to get every one of them right. But if you get one of them right a day, if you vote for food that has been sustainably grown or humanely grown, whatever your values are, … you will change the food system. It’s happening now.”

If you purchase your food with some care and consideration, your voice will be heard as a powerful consumer! Choose healthy, wholesome, unprocessed foods. Try and find food that is produced locally and (ideally) organically. Grow your own food! Reject the junk foods and overly processed foods full of sugar, salt and fat. By doing so, you are voting for good food with your pocketbook and your fork! You are supporting your local economy and improving your health at the same time.

What’s not to love?


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