…a totally awesome website!

Sunapee resident, Mario Capozzoli, launched this website after reading Michael Pollan’s groundbreaking book In Defense of Food, An Eater’s Manifesto. On page 148, Pollan writes: “Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.”

Mario remembered his great-grandparents’ gardens, an Italian homage to the old country—with ripe tomatoes reflecting the sunshine off their tight, bright skins; musty plump grapes shadowed under broad green leaves; and lemons so yellow that after holding them in his eight-year-old hands, he could smell the fragrant glories of citrus oil all day long.

Using his Great Grandmother as his launching point for inspiration, Mario built an amazing, ever growing website that brings together the Locavore (or localvore) movement, the Slow Food philosophy, the whole foods movement. He believes that when we bring together our families and communities around food, we accomplish more than the act of eating—we build community, we strengthen families, we laugh more and cry more, and we create deep within us an ability to nourish each other with our inherent sensibilities. Food—good food—paves the way!

So, pour yourself a hot beverage and spend some time exploring and being inspired by Winter is here and the gardening season is over, but good, local food is available year round!


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