Topic for June: Compost and Weed Control

First lettuce sprinkled with crabapple blossoms.

First lettuce sprinkled with crabapple blossoms.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, June 17. So mark your calendars! We will be talking about composting and weed control. Lots to discuss! If the weather cooperates, we may head out to the community gardens for part of the meeting for a demonstration.

At our last meeting, Beth spent a lot of time explaining the value of proper soil management. Good soil equals healthier plants that are better able to ward off pests and diseases. This month we will be talking more about making good compost which is the best thing you can add to any kind of soil to boost it’s fertility. We will also share ideas and techniques for vanquishing those pesky weeds.

Join us on the 17th. If you can’t manage the potluck, feel free to just come for the meeting. All are welcome and feel free to bring a friend!


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