Thank you! Our first meeting was a success!

Thank you to everyone who came to the first meeting.  We had thirty gardeners in all and we want to especially thank the following people:

• Beth McGuinn and Ruth Smith, our leaders who covered the topic
“Planning your Garden”.
• Pam Marrone and Laura Morrison, who set up the potluck and the tables/chairs.
• Elizabeth Obelenus, who provided the introduction to the club and how we fit in with our sponsor, NOFA-NH.
• Cheryl Bourassa, who generously donated the room rental costs.

We agreed to have meetings on the THIRD WEDNESDAY of each month.  We’ll continue to work w/the UU Church, although we may juggle the room assignments as we hope to continue to grow.

Amazing potluck...not too much leftover!

Amazing potluck...not too much leftover!

Finally, thank you to all of the wonderful cooks who brought food for the potluck. It was all so delicious. It’s clear that gardeners are excellent cooks!


One response to “Thank you! Our first meeting was a success!

  1. I posted this at the Facebook page and wanted to include it here as well for our non-Facebook members.

    I wanted to thank everyone for a delicious dinner and an informative first meeting. I made a trip to the library this afternoon to pick up a copy of the “All New Square Foot Gardening” book. It was so good to see so many South End gardeners as well as a few beyond the South End. Thanks Scott for spearheading this group.