March 18th: Inaugural Meeting

The final details have fallen into place for our inaugural meeting of the South End Organic Garden Club, sponsored by the Northeast Organic Farming Association, New Hampshire Chapter (NOFA-NH).

We will meet on Wednesday, March 18th at 5:30 pm in Rooms 8 and 9 at the Unitarian Universalist Church at 274 Pleasant St. in Concord (west of Concord Hospital campus on the north side of the street). The first hour will be a potluck dinner and socializing with neighbors, old friends, and new friends. Post a comment and let us know what food/drinks you can bring (whatever you bring should serve six people). If you can, please also bring your own plates, cups, utensils, and napkins since these rooms are “carry in, carry out” and there are no kitchen facilities (meaning, no sinks to clean dishes/silverware plus no microwaves or ovens to re-heat casseroles). We will have some paper products on hand for those who can’t bring their own.

From 6:30 pm until 7:30 pm we’ll split into an adult’s group and the children’s group.

The children will be led by Ruth Smith. Ruth is an educator working with the Concord Co-op and also worked previously with NH Audubon. Ruth will challenge the children by working on small projects with them, so they learn about gardening in a fun and non-technical manner.

The adults will also be having fun, but we’ll be led by Beth McGuinn. Beth is very well-versed in organic gardening and will work with us on the topic of “Planning the Vegetable Garden”. Both groups will work until 7:30 pm.

We also have this blog, that Laura Morrison (my beautiful and talented wife) has developed. The blog will post information about reading materials, links to other organic gardening websites, running commentary, recipes and much more. The blog is a work in progress, so please give Laura some feedback and post your comments.

NOFA-NH is sponsoring our club by reimbursing the first three months of meeting venue rental costs (up to $150 total). We are grateful to NOFA-NH for their generosity.

Finally, we don’t want to specify an admission price for this inaugural meeting. What we’d like to do instead is to set up a free-will offering (cash, checks payable to NOFA-NH, credit/debit card swipe) and gradually determine what would be an appropriate price for paying the speakers/presenters and for renting meeting facilities.

Thanks and I appreciate your patience the last several weeks. Make sure you pass along an invitation to any friends in the South End (OK, we’ll take just about anyone, they can live elsewhere) to join us at these meetings. See you soon.

Scott Morrison


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